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Does Tangnam Glass provide installing services?
Tangnam Glass is a dealer but we can give advices about skilled installers. Breitling Replica Watches
What information should the customer have in hand before calling to ask Tangnam Glass?

1.      What kind of work is the glass  for?

2.      The sizes and thickness of the glass.

3.      The volume of use spaces.

How can we choose the glass?

-          Glasses should be selected as per the Replica Watches use because each type of use requires different one. Consumers should purchase quality glasses but must keep in mind that the outer appearance of the glasses may be same. Purchase hence should be done at reliable stores. Tangnam Glass offers only good quality glasses and good equipment for glass working.

How can we maintain the mirror in the bathroom?

1.      Do not use rough cleaning device with the mirror. Crashes may arise.

2.      Spray water to clean off soap traces on the mirror after use. This is to prevent permanent grease stains.

3.      Clean the mirror at least once a week. Do not use alkaline-based glass cleaning solution.

The work shall be carried out in Chiangmai but the parent company is in Bangkok. Can Tangnam Glass provide transport services?

            We have services across the country thanks to our branches nationwide and enough spaces of Omega Replica Watches warehouses in response to the customers’ demands. No matter where you are, you can ask for our services. More information can be obtained from our Sale Department.

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